Friday, December 5, 2008

the simple gift of an egg

Last last week.. i forgot when exactly, my church youth had a closing nite for the year..
It was amazing to think how the year had gone sooo quickly..
it's crazy how much u miss out.. especially because of exams and all the hecticness dat goes with it.. hahahahh...

Anyway... at the end of the nite.. we had the gift swapping thingo..
so every1 hu attend brought a gift wrapped in newspaper..
oh wait... except 1 person hu ddnt bring anythin and quickly grabbed a newspaper he found on the stage hahaahah...
*not gonna say the name xD*

We all stood in a circle and the presents got passed around.
Round and round the gifts go... some are lighter than u thought it wud be,
some heavy despite its "not-that-big" size

Finalllyyyy after a seemingly long rounds... we each got our presents...
*including the person hu ddnt bring any.. I think anyway lol*

I opened the newspaper... and... guess wat i got! an EGG!
Not just an ordinary egg.. it's called an eggling.. and when u crack the shell, water it, and leave it under the sun, it will grow into a STRAWBERRY PLANT!!!!

how KOOL is dat???!!

Anyway.. before the gift swapping and everything.. we got a message from the preacher..
He asked all of us to pass the one MOst PRECIOUS thing u have rite now to the person next to u..
I passed my wallet..
*even though it was empty hahahah*
And then he asked evry1: Do you like the gift that u received?
Most said yes.. Some said no.. including me..
lol actually i wud LUPH to receive the gift.. *i was saying it just for the fun of it lol*
Different people have diff opinions on why they don't like it..
I said that I couldn't use the shoe coz it doesn't fit me..

He then went on saying: Isn't this like what we usually do?
We often get presents from someone..
And you never think that maybe this person gave the absolute BEST thing he or she had to give to you..
It may not be useful to you or you might not like it or you may think "I wish I had gotten something else"..
But think about the person's feeling.. How would she or he feels?
What do you do if someone give you the BEST BEST thing that he or she has...
Would you reject it?
Or would you keep it?

It was short and simple.. but i never thought about this... xD

Made me feel even MORE guilltier coz it reminds me of wat i did lol..
Once, I got this naruto classbook from my friend.. she knew that i LUPHED naruto..
However, i gave it to my other friend coz i tot I wouldn't use it and i cbb to ask ppl to write lol... *so stupid of me*
I didn't tell her that i "gave it away".
Anyway the worst thing is when one day, this other friend asked my friend (the one hu gave the classbook to me) to fill in her new classbook...
OMG.... i feel so bad lol......... sorryyy >.< Anyway... in this case.. I LUPH my present.. so I have nothing to worry about hahahahah...

the one I got was like this but pink with strawberry picture :)

Thursday, December 4, 2008


soooo happppyyyy....

I've always wanted to go coldplay since year 10!!
I remembered that the concert was d only 1 in perth.. and it was on the 07/07/06..
I wanted to buy the ticket but it was finished the second i opened ticketek..
had to hunt for sum in ebay.. but ddnt get any...

So.. I ended up watching the LIVE version on TV hahahahh.. crappiehhh but I was happy just to see them on TV... Even up untill now.. If I see them on TV i will stop watever im doing and watch it!!!!!!!

FINALLYYYY my dream cum true :D thanks to mum...
Now i hav to work my ass off and earn enuf money to pay bak.. xD

Thursday, November 27, 2008

hey i remembered somthing!

u know wat... I had a blog before this actually.. like when i was in yr 9 or sumtin.. forgot what address was though.. meh...

woke up at 10!! yay.. earlier than yesterday..
ddnt go myaree *AGAIN* coz i decided to apply everything online...
I applied so many... and a couple of hours later, HJ called. lol...
interview nxt week.. out of all the numerous places ive applied, HJ was the
one who called first....
my first job was in HJ.. I guess i'm going back to the start xD

OH! and i got a mobile!! My first mobile!! :D *well second actually.. the first one was given to my sis*
sooo happppyyyyyy... ppl must be thingking: dat's just sad lol... it's a pretty crappy fone too.. but hu cares!!!!!!!!! ^^

and then later on that afternoon........ i made some ratatouille! made it in cooking class once... it was nice.. But for sum reason the one i made just then taste crap lol... I thought it was gonna be ok to use cucumber instead of eggplant but it is SO NOT ok.... it taste disgusting now.. hav to finish it somehow.. >.< tomorrow.. jen's exhibition.. hav to wear smart casual.. I was panicking over what to wear... wrecked my bro's room.. *the mirror was in his room*..clothes everywhere...wikipedia "smart casual", ask ppl...... and FINALLY found what i can wear tmrw phew... when i was checking my email.... i saw that i got an email from UWA. It was titled: Your application for a dentistry/medicine interview at UWA. I was like :O and i was soooooo surprisedd coz it said that my UMat score was enuf to get an interview!!! I was like NOWAY!!!! I got excited... and then i kept on reading.... and the letter said: "Applicants will only be able to access the booking once we have proof that you have an actual TER of at least 96.00"



And there goes my dream................zzz...

PS: Apparently if ure turning 40 tommorow, u can get a $400 voucher from CUE!
(info from CUE insider a.k.a kei lol)

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

first day of the blog's life

so it goes like dis:

i set the alarm 9am last nite but ddnt woke up till 11.
i kno its impossible to wake up early these days but i still try anyway lol..

was planning to apply jobs in every store there is in myaree.. but i cbb xD
instead went to my frend's house to make CUPCAKES..

ohhhhh went to coles first to get the stuff..
saw CHONG in maccas working but i just waved
*sorry.. u were busy!!!!*

anyway... the cupcakes. It's called Chocolate Cheesecake Cupcakes. Sounds good?
Itwas. the butter couldnt mix properly coz we ddnt melt it properly lol.. but anyway it turned out ok.. they look really nice but the taste err..... i dun tink we put enuf sugar lol.. but nevertheless it was nice :)

watched scary movie 1
scared dat this will remind me of the real the ring movie lol..
.....couldnt sleep for weeks after watching dat movie.....
but turns out that scary movie was SO funnyyyy.. xD
some parts were seriously lame it's funny lol

then watched dis korean movie called HOLY DADDY..
FUNNY and sad.... T_T the dad dieddd noooooooo >.<

it's about this guy's dad hu was in prison.. but he died.. he then asked the angel if he could stay to see his family.. and then... just watch it!! lol

but seriously u shud watch it.. the guy's pretty hot :D
and it was really good and unlike most other movies, it was original.
so yeahh... watch it!!!! :)

after reading ppl's blogs...........

i cant believe i made this....
like seriously i told myself once dat i would neva eva be bothered to make a blog
and then after reading ppls blogs i tot dis looks FUNN :D