Saturday, July 23, 2011

Not an argument, more like an observation and an opinion

These days, I several times see articles as well as an "Insight" program on "Should Ethics class be added to the school curriculum for the kids who are not doing RE?" Some parents demand their children's school to do this. However, it makes me think, why did those parents send their kids to these religious schools anyway? I mean, the founder of the school must have had a vision on why he/she made the school, and maybe it is to provide a school environment where children of the same religion can learn both general education as well as more about their religion. However, it is the parents choice to enrol the kids or not, and when the kids grow up, it will be the kids choice to believe it or not anyway. Parents have lots of school choices, so why send the kid there if they don't agree to the RE classes?

Another thing I've been thinking about is, some people say "Wars are caused by religion. If there were no religion, there would be no wars." Hm............. What do you guys think? I understand religion has been used numerous times as excuses for wars, but is it really because of religion? I think it's more like because it is our human nature to be competitive and to try "correct" others the way we want them to be. Wars are also started because of greed and hunger for power. For example, World War I and II, some of the biggest wars in the history of the world. Were they caused by religion? I don't think so.

What do you think?

Sunday, July 17, 2011

An Awesome Award :D

This award was kindly offered by my coolest fellow blogger ACHINK. Apparently, there are several stuff one needs to do when given this award! Unfortunately, it's in indo, so i'll just have to translate them into English LOL.
Translated from Achink's blog:
1) The tagged person must also post 10 things about themselves
2) Must pick 5 people to tag
3) Must visit their blog and notify them that they have been tagged
4) Don't tag back (don't tag) the person who posted the award to you 
Happy posting!
10 things about me!
1) I really LOVE art. I love drawing, decorating, rearranging, colouring.. you name it! Choosing Pharmacy meant abandoning the dream of becoming an interior architect. But I didn't regret doing that cos I know that I can always have art as a hobby :) Even when I cook, I don't really have passion in it or anything, I just love garnishing, decorating, and arranging the food afterwards teehee

2) I'm a self confessed NARUTARD. I don't know if that's the right word for naruto fans, but a friend calls me a fellow narutard so~ Anyways, I highly recommend this anime, u guys should ALL watch naruto hohoho.. it's so inspiring, funny, and kool!

3) I'm also a tryhard. In everything I do, especially the things I'm not very good at, I really try hard.. Even if it means getting overly stressed (not sure if that's good or not haha)

4) I often think deep, sometimes too deep to the point that things start to become negative (read: I can often be a pessimist). I'm so thankful though, that I am surrounded by people who are light hearted, easy going, don't think stuff too deep, and helps me to see the bright outlook in everything :)

5) I sometimes consider being a psychologist. Why? I actually don't really know lol. It was never my dream job, but somehow I feel like I "might" be good at it. Maybe. Starting from end of high school until now, I've had 4 friends who opened up to me about some issues. And I've always felt that I want to listen, I want to help. But then I guess, you don't need to be a psychologist to help. And during uni, a number of friends started telling me their problems and asking for my advice about relationship, life, etc etc.. So I was like, hm.... And then, at the end of last year, a friend was having a get together before she left to Indo for good, and we asked her to tell each one of us a short message. And when it was my turn, she told me that I should study Master in Pscyhology after I'm done with Bachelor of Pharmacy, and another friend agreed to that. So in my mind I was like "what the................." haha! cos I was thinking about it wayy before she said that.. but anyway, I don't think I will at the moment....

oh crap, I just realised I need to write 10. Woopsie, wrote too much on the first 5 xD

6) I LOVE chewy food! e.g udon noodles, korean rice cakes, cilok, gnocchi, mochi, klepon, and many more.....

7) I have a favourite lecturer. Does anyone else have one? I feel so nerdy now LOL.. My favourite lecturer/tutor is ANDREW MCWILLIAM. He is the best :) Why? His jokes are funny and he gives hints on what will come up in the exams hehe

8) I'm very shy around new people. 

9) I don't say "typo", instead I say "spello"

10) My favourite cereals are Cheerios and Milo DUO *
This prestigious award is now given to....
1) Cass
2) Hanna
3) Emil
4) Rosalind
5) Kelvin
Have fun guys! :D 

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Pandan Pancakes Part II

I made these a while ago, but keep forgetting to post it. I decided to try and put drawings on the pandan pancakes, and this is how it turned out! A lot of them are a bit burned though haha..

First Attempt
Second Attempt using Egg Rings, but didn't really like the texture
Going to bring these to PPR today! :D

Thursday, July 14, 2011

New semester, new job!

Today was my 2nd day on my new job at the pharmacy (praising God for the new job!). I quite like this pharmacy because the owners and workers are nice, and the pharmacist allowed me to make Upton's Paste today! :D For those who don't know, this is a really thick cream that contains ingredients to get rid of warts.It was so hard cos the paste was so sticky and I had to triturate it using metal spatulas (the spatulas are the same as the one chefs use to work with melted chocolate btw hehe). At the end of it, my wrists ache so bad! But you know the saddest thing?? I had to use this ANCIENT scales to weigh out the ingredients(see picture below)!! It was so hard to use, and I had to use measured weight on one side, and then weight the powders on the other side. It was funny though cos they only had 0.1g and 0.2g so I couldn't measure the 0.5g properly. The pharmacist told me to just add a lil bit extra. So, unlike the scales we used at uni (accurate to 3 decimal points), I'm measuring using this probably not very accurate scales! Ancient too! Did I tell you, one of the weights are still in "ounce"??

So anyways, even though it was sad to leave the previous pharmacy behind, this pharmacy is better in a lot of ways. New owners, new customers, new company and new stuff to learn.I'm thankful for the previous pharmacy to teach me about a lot of things though, otherwise I'd be the clueless one in this pharmacy! Currently I'm still on a 2 months probation, so we'll see in 2 months if I'll be working there permanently or not :)

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Pandan Pancake :)

Today, I made some Pandan Pancakes! I've been craving something pandan these days and I thought, well why not pancake? it's so easy to make, just add pandan flavouring? And this is how it turned out:

The taste reminds me of the street vendors who sell the cakes shown below outside my primary school. Not as good offcourse! xD After school I would visit these vendors and get all these yummy snacks! Sadly, we don't have street vendors in Australia, but it's okay, will get some the next time I go Indo teehee.