Thursday, November 25, 2010


And I cannot believe that it's nearly the end of the year! Yay! But now that I've been at uni for nearly 2 years of my life, I value holidays more than ever! lol.. I know people say that holidays get boring after a while. But NO! I refuse to believe that and I'm so gonna cherish every day of my holidays. Because I know when it's over, I'm so gonna miss it. 

Anyway, while I was at my 2nd exam.. I kinda finished earlier and started thingking about my blog in the exam.Ermm.... not a very good idea lol! But anyway, I thought of writing about the funny things I notice about exams. xD stupid and so not important but yah.. Since I thought about it, so here it is. xD

Funny things I noticed during exam:
1) Before the exams start, everyone asks: "Are you ready?" And everyone would answer: "No."
But we still ask each other anyway even though we know what the answer is gonna be xD

2) During one of the exams, one of the supervisors (which are usually pensioners) is an old lady who was wearing a baby pink dress, with a pink cardigan, and pink shoes. There were also 2 bags at the front, one was black and the other pink. I'm assuming she owns the pink bag xD It was so funny to look at the perfect colour coding, especially when she was holding the GPAS forms which were pinkish in colour xD

3) For exams I usually choose a spot on the very left of the lecture hall (unless I forgot to). Why? Because I have a monoglass. That is because my reading glasses (Yes, reading glasses for old ppl) got no lens on the left side. This is because my right eye is plus, therefore I need the reading glasses for my right eye only but not the left. So by sitting on the very left side, I hoped that people can't see the missing left lens. xD The supervisors at the front can see still see it though.. Booh.. 

And that's all, just really glad I finished exams :)
Good job for all of us! Enjoy the holidays folks!

This is the background picture of my laptop
that's supposed to keep me motivated during exams study :D

Monday, November 15, 2010

Thursday, November 11, 2010

The Miracle Oils

Haven't post stuff for a while because of exams. But thought I'd like to share my recent discovery!
What are they?
Extra Virgin Olive Oil

The Body Shop Monoi Miracle Oil
I bought the Body Shop oil a couple of months back, and have been very satisfied with the results.
I have very dry hair and I always need to put some hair oil to keep it smooth. I used to use Garnier and this salon brand (I think it was called JD?) but they both kinda aggravate my neck eczema. The Body Shop oil claims that it can be used for body and hair. So I thought if I put it on my hair, it wouldn't be so bad for my neck because it is formulated for body as well. And well, now I'm pretty happy with it It gives shine to my hair and doubles up as moisturiser! :)

Extra Virgin Olive Oil... Well, my mum already told me ages ago, but I was like hmmmm *skeptical* because EVO Oil is used for cooking lol! But then after an extensive search on the web, EVO Oil is as good as Extra Virgin Coconut Oil (which is part of the Monoi Miracle Oil). Apparently it has been used by women all around the world since the olden days. It also contains Vitamin E and antioxidants. And so, I tried it on my dry patches, and it works perfectly. Didn't make it go itchy, and the dry patches improve significantly the next day, unlike normal lotions or creams that I usually put.

So for those with dry skin, definitely try these oils :)

Monday, November 1, 2010


Such a beautfiful song :)
If I was a dad, I'd sing this in my daughter's wedding xD
Hmm.... if only there's a mommy's version LOL

Steven Curtis Chapman - Cinderella