Wednesday, November 26, 2008

first day of the blog's life

so it goes like dis:

i set the alarm 9am last nite but ddnt woke up till 11.
i kno its impossible to wake up early these days but i still try anyway lol..

was planning to apply jobs in every store there is in myaree.. but i cbb xD
instead went to my frend's house to make CUPCAKES..

ohhhhh went to coles first to get the stuff..
saw CHONG in maccas working but i just waved
*sorry.. u were busy!!!!*

anyway... the cupcakes. It's called Chocolate Cheesecake Cupcakes. Sounds good?
Itwas. the butter couldnt mix properly coz we ddnt melt it properly lol.. but anyway it turned out ok.. they look really nice but the taste err..... i dun tink we put enuf sugar lol.. but nevertheless it was nice :)

watched scary movie 1
scared dat this will remind me of the real the ring movie lol..
.....couldnt sleep for weeks after watching dat movie.....
but turns out that scary movie was SO funnyyyy.. xD
some parts were seriously lame it's funny lol

then watched dis korean movie called HOLY DADDY..
FUNNY and sad.... T_T the dad dieddd noooooooo >.<

it's about this guy's dad hu was in prison.. but he died.. he then asked the angel if he could stay to see his family.. and then... just watch it!! lol

but seriously u shud watch it.. the guy's pretty hot :D
and it was really good and unlike most other movies, it was original.
so yeahh... watch it!!!! :)

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