Thursday, May 31, 2012

Why do "Nice Guys" finish last?

I've been studying all the time these days. But offcourse Youtube vids would come in between. Just then, I was watching this series by WongFuProductions called "Just A Nice Guy". Halfway Part 1, I realised that sometimes "Nice Guys" misunderstood the reason why they might finish last.

1) Wes told Phil: "Girls want something different.They want confidence, cockiness, they want danger.They want a guy that can be their friend sometimes, but not always. Girls like jerks"
My convict: FALSE.

Let me say to you, I know a guy who's really good looking but man he's cocky and overconfident. That's a big BIG turn off!  His looks just disappear beneath all those bad personalities. I agree with confidence, girls do prefer their guy to be confident. If they're not, then why would girls trust the rest of their life in the "hands" of an unconfident guy? Plus, a confident guy would be brave enough to show his feelings to the girl he likes.

Also, I would want a guy who can be my friend all the time. If he and I will be together for the rest of our lives, it would be really lovely to have someone who's also my best friend.

I reckon that nice guys really are attractive (I know that was how I got attracted to my bf teehee). But the thing that makes them stay in the "guy who's my best friend but I will not date" zone is when they're too nice to every single girl they know. And they usually have more girl friends than guy friends.

Don't get me wrong, being nice to everybody is a good thing. But if you like a girl, you gotta treat her differently  (a.k.a nicerrr than other girls) and you gotta give them "hints". Doesn't mean you should downgrade your niceness to other girls though. Does that make sense? Why you may ask? Well, this is cos if you don't give "signs", then girls would've thought that you're just being nice just like how you usually are to other girls.

Girls have insecurities (not a hidden fact at all). So they wouldn't let themselves fall for a guy who's known to be very nice to all girls (in case we mistakenly thought that the guy like us but actually he's just being friendly). I reckon, this is where nice guys fall short. Girls would want a guy who are loyal to them and would love them like we're "the only girl in the world". So if this guy starts treating other girls the same as he would treat us, then it's gonna make us girls question your feelings for us.

That's all I wanna say. I hope it clears up some misunderstanding some guys might have. And I hope that nice guys don't turn into jerks just for the sake of getting a gf. Be yourself, be nice to everyone, but only "flirt" with the girl that you like.

DISCLAIMER: This is purely my opinion. There may be girls out there who likes jerks. But I think that if a girl is serious about a relationship, they wouldn't fall for jerks.Only girls who are out there to find fun would look for jerks. What do you girls/guys out there think??

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

The cure to sleeplessness (Intro)

Let me start by introducing you to my 2 lovely kids (uhm I mean dogs).                                
This is Shaki.He's the photogenic one out of the two. He LOVES dogs and people. Pretty hyperactive, very friendly, but he can growl if you give him a huge bone and try to take it back. His favourite activity would be walks to the park and visiting Toki. He's currently attempting to learn how to walk off-leash like PIppa.

This is Pippa (also known as Si Ndut or The Rouuuuuund One). She loves people and she likes to be the dominating Queen over other dogs (and ppl). She may look less pretty at first, but the more you know her, the more you'll fall in love with her. Why? Cos this girl LOVES to sleep (and eat). 
Her favourite activity would be:
and sleeping...
and sleeping
and offcourse... Sleeping <3

(To be continued....)

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Maybe I'll get drunk again

If someone was to ask me, when would be ur lowest point in your uni life? My answer would be 3 weeks before the final exams. I find that it's during this time that I start losing all motivation to study and losing all that strength in me to push on.

The past few weeks, it's been a midsem test EACH week. And that consist of 6 weeks in total of midsems (2 of the units divide their midsems into 2 tests). After that's done, I still have 1 more test and 3 weeks into the finals. Problem is, after that full on 6 weeks of study, now I just lost all my drive (which is a big stress since I should technically start studying for the finals).

Even WORSE, 4 of our exams are in the first week. On one Friday, we have the hardest exam of them all in the morning, followed by ~6 hours gap, and then another exam in the evening. ZZzzzz.............

So anyways, it would be a really boring post if I was to explain the lil minute details of my exams.

I've just recently found out that my good primary school friend has a blog. She does Medicine in Indo and it was really encouraging to read a blog by someone who knows exactly what it's like to study something reallyyyyyyyyy "medical", nerdy and again nerdy (i.e. hours and hours and hours of study, hard work, and a lot of sacrifices on the social side)..... It really does take a lot of might and strength to push through. It's also especially hard to share about my uni troubles to people who are not really in the same shoes, cos it will probably bore them or might make them think I'm showing off or whatever (a lot of people kindly listen and encourage me though). It' always good to find someone who 'knows what it's like" (as previously experienced by me during my worst eczema ridden days). So anyway, I'll def be in the lookout for new posts on her blog for inspiration :) In case you wanna check it out:

The lesson I'd like to share with you today would be:
If you have problems (especially long term or really tough one), find someone who's been there before. The same goes if it's the other way around.  If you have been there before, share it with someone who's currently having the same prob as you. It really does make a diff! 

For now, I'll leave you to my current fave song. Hope your days have been good! :)