Thursday, April 28, 2011

I figured out the NO HEAT wavy hair! :D

Hi all! Been a long time since I last blogged, and just now I got inspired to write a blog, so here it is! :) What is it about this time? HOW TO DO WAVY HAIR WITH NO HEAT!

For those who've known me for agessssssss you would've know that I have the coarsest, frizziest, thickest, DRIEST, wavy/messy hair..... And for a long time, I've been so confused on what to do, cos majority of Asians have straight hair.. And so, I don't know how to work the kind of hair I have. Straightening hair everyday is not an option, because:
  1. I don't have time 
  2. I cbb lol!
  3. It damages my already dry hair. 
And I have decided that permanent hair straightening/smoothing is not for me because apparently it can damage your hair further, and it also contains the chemical Formylaldehyde which is a known cancer causing chemical! :O 

So for those of you out there with similar hair like mine, don't dread! We don't have to have straight hair to be pretty! There are heaps of gorgeous girls out there with wavy hair ;)

If you'd like to try it out, here are the steps:
  1. Wash hair with extra2 moisturising shampoo and heaps of conditioner
  2. Towel dry hair and apply hair oil, heaps and HEAPS of them (I use The Body Shop Monoi Miracle Oil because it doesn't react with my sensitive skin) P.S only do this if you have dry hair
  3. Braid your hair from the top back all the way to the bottom and secure with hair tie
  4. Grab a scarf and cover the top of your head to flatten and minimize frizz on the top part of your hair, tie the scarf at the back below the braided hair.
  5. Leave it like that until your hair dries naturally.
  6. Once it's dry, take off the scarf and the braid, apply more hair oil if necessary, and twist the left and right sections of your hair to manage the waves. Voila! All done :) Easy, no heat from curling tongs, no breakages, healthier and shinier looking  wavy hair!
Good luck! :D

The wavy hair. Excuse the low quality photo taken by my old Sony Ericsson 
and my amateur camwhoring skills lols!

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Scirbbly thoughts

Hello readers (if there are any xD),
I welcome u all again to another Grumble rumble ramble post about my life.. i know it's boring and probably meaningless to you all *sighpies*.. But what can I say, I need a platform to drain all these hazy, scribbly thoughts from my head.. So ya'll can become the platform :D teehee.

Scribbly thought no 1) Studying pharmacy
I've talked about this before.. And as the months go by, it doesn't get any better :( Pharmacy just keep on getting harder and harder for me. I often think that I'm SO not smart enough to do this course.. But since I've started it for 2 years already, might as well finish it off.. It's not like I don't like the units or the profession, it's just the workload is wayyy too much. I'm only doing 3 units now (unlike other pharmacy studentswho are doing 5), but it's actually a lot of work already. Let me give you an idea.........during the midsem exams, I still had uni. So between studying for the exams, I also had to prepare and go to 3 hour lab and a 2 hours tute and another 1 hour tute. I pretty much skipped all the lectures irrelevant to the upcoming midsem. (Which I now regret coz I now have to catch up for them >.<). And these leave me so tired and just got enough energy to study. And this leads to thought no 2.

Scribbly thought no 2) Neglecting housework
As a result of  spending all my energy on uni stuff, I pretty much have limited time and energy doing housework. And that really sucks because in my house, the only people who clean are me, dad, and my bro. My mum cooks and do other stuffs. But, my dad works quite a lot so he gets pretty tired. And my bro, hm let me just say that he procrastinates a lot more than he does housework -.-. Sometimes I envy him coz his life is like one big holiday. Well, I guess his job require him to do more physical work (Chef) so maybe he gets tired when he gets home.. But still!! at least he doesn't have homeworks or tests coming up??? So anyways, neglecting housework makes me feel guilty, but I really CANNOT fail any units AGAIN. So everytime there are tests coming up, I totally focus on them. After all, if I screw this up, it will be another delay to graduation, which means I'll need to rely on my parents financially even longer (which I don't really want to do because I know they're getting older...). And I just feel that I'm rushed to graduate ASAP since I'm the last kid in the family, and I think my parents has had enough of supporting us LOL. So yah :( And my mum is like me, we both get really stressed pretty fast.. And so, when she gets stressed, it gets me stressed, and it makes me want to graduate and earn money asap to stop her from stressing... I'm so scared she gets like really high blood pressure.. And my dad, well he's work a lot for all of us, so I think it's time for us to pay back.

Scribbly thought no 3) Disease
Hm.. I don't know if you can call this disease/condition, but anyway... I've just recently found out  that I have this "condition". I haven't told ppl and only my sister and my bf knows about it..But it gets worse when I'm stressed/studying... So, when I'm stressed/studying, I exacerbate this condition, and therefore I get even more stressed because of it.. Does that make sense? lol. And no, it's not eczema. My eczema is under control now except just on the back of my neck, but it's okay, I can live with that.

Scribbly thought no 4) The desire to learn more about the Bible
Since I attended some bible studies at uni (with this group called IBF: International Bible Fellowship), I've learnt so much about the bible! And it's very interesting, because sometimes as Christians, we don't actually read the bible that much. Which is pretty silly coz it is like the "life guide" of every Christian. And after learning more about it, I was able to explain it to people who ask me, and most importantly, I really learned more about the God I believe in, and purpose of my life in this world. However, uni and church commitments actually prevent me from learning more. Ironic isn't it? Because the time I spend in studying, going to uni, time spent preparing for church volunteering work, just really test my time management skills to the max. But thing is, even with time management, it's still so hard to fit all of them together, because after all, I have limited energy in me. Which is so crappppppp.. I wish I have more energy and more than 24 hours in a day! But oh well... So anyway, the point is, I often miss the bible study sessions (which is held on Friday 4-6pm and Sunday 3-5pm). Because by 4pm, I'd be too tired from uni and on Sunday I got no transport to go there since I don't drive... I should learn how to drive aye..

Scribbly thought summary
So all these pretty much stress me everyday.. But writing it here I guess kinda relieve the stress cos now that I got it typed down, I can see that it's actually only a total of 4 scribbly thoughts! (in my mind it feels like there are so many!) And I'm actually thinking of talking to the counselors at Curtin's health services (since it's free anyway :)  I know a  couple of my friends go there to get counselling cos of the stress from uni and life.. So might give it a try since they said it's pretty good... 

That's it! What's your scribbly thoughts? :)

Friday, April 15, 2011


Finally I can relieve my stress, which has been heightened up these past few weeks! But that doesn't mean I'm completely free..  1 assignment to do.. And offcourse must study everynow and then or otherwise ill have to cram real bad in the finals.. :S

This song is good btw.. James Morrison has one of the BEST voice in the world!! <3

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

study mood, hard to build, easy to break

I had a really bad day today... Been trying to study for this exam, but ended up only doing 1 lecture in the morning (didn't even finish that 1 lecture!)
Then at night.. I had the motivation to study, so I studied pretty well.. Suddenly something happened :S
And then I just couldn't study. AT ALL -.-

Ended up scribbling this picture on a piece of scrap paper..
The picture depicts a real story (except the palm which is non-existent near where shaki usually sits).
When I leave Shaki's food outside, he doesn't eat it unless I sit right next to him and wait until he finish it. So, in the end, he just stares at the door, waiting for ppl to open door for him... Letting the ants eat his food -.- The ants must love him so much, and they're probably having a feast down there in their underground headquarter...

Shaki and the Ants
I hope it's been a productive day for you all! (Just like the ants who worked very hard to carry all those food, and now they can have the all-you-can-eat buffet of Shaki's food for supper) :)