Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Hm.. it seems that I kinda got bored of blogging hahah.. A asked me why I haven't blogged and apparently she was waiting for me to post about the Tiger Mum thing.. But thing is.. I've got a number of things that inspire me to blog.. But like.. Just haven't found the time and the right mood to do it yet.. I'm guessing it's cos I'm not stressed atm.. Also, since my sister stole my laptop to Melbourne, I can't type my blog in my own personal room.. It's kinda awkward to write a blog post in the main room where the computer is (especially if Dad/Bro is there).. so yah... whereas when I'm in my room I usually think more about stuff.. hence the blog was born!

So for now.. I guess I'll update a bit on what's goin on in my life..

I came back from Indonesia last week. It would be the first time I've been back there since three years ago. Things have definitely change. A lot of my cousins are married and they even have kids! Now I find myself getting called Aunty, which is a huge change since I used to call everyone Cici (read: jie jie) since I am the youngest of all of my cousins in my Dad's family and 2nd youngest in Mum's family. I feel so honoured to be called Aunty Monica :D hohohoho Finally I am superior to someone! MUAHAHAHA... (what a sad person)

So that was the happy news.. cute nephews and nieces and to be called Aunty :) Next is the saddish part.. Life for my Ema (grandma's from Mum's side) has been pretty good. She had both her knees operated and now she has strong, straight legs which allow her to walk further and climb stairs and play with Shaki as much as she would want to. She's able to go out more with the rest of us, and everyone was amazed when she went back to Indo.

But on the other hand, it's been sad for my family because my Oma (grandma from dad's side) has forgotten everything.. Her dementia is pretty bad now.. She doesn't even remember that she used to have a husband and she has kids.. So that's sad because my family used to live with her and I remember she was such a caring and loving grandmother to all of us. But now she doesn't even know me! Nevertheless, I was still inspired because she's always so cheerful and always joke around.. Which makes all of us laugh :)
For example.. My dad asked her for some Ang Pao.. And then she said: "Ang Pao??? Haiya!!!! (raising her hand as if she's fighting an enemy ninja style)" and then she laugh and we all laugh because even after all these years and with her memory lost, she is still able to joke around with everyone..

We also visited my Ema's brother.. Who is now living alone with his caretaker.. His wife passed away late last year.. It was so sad for me cos the last time I went back Indo, she was still alive.. And they were still showing us picture of them doing Yoga stretches (which needs crazy flexibility) and claimed that they could still do it. They even taught my brother how to walk with the perfect posture.. (They were yoga teachers by the way).. But now it was only him alone.. :(

Next we visited my Engkong (grandpa from mum's side) sister.. When we met her she looked so weak and much skinnier than before.. I was so sad because she used to be cheerful too and would talk to us grandkids in English.. And when I arrived back in Perth, she went to the hospital.. And now she is in HCU (High Care Unit) :( So we are all really praying for her to get better..

So yah.. sorry that this post is mostly about my old relatives.. And really sad stories too.. :(
But I'm currently worried for my Engkong's sister and I hope that she will be ok.. Cos even though she is not directly my grandma.. She is to me like an Aunt..

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Back in my home country, Indonesia!

I haven't been updating my blog lately.. This is because I'm currently on a holiday in Indo for 2 weeks.. Things have been good.. After all its been 3 years since I went here the last time.. Things are changing, even the bank next door is renovated into a beautiful Patisserie and Cafe called The Harvest. My grandma doesn't remember me or my dad anymore.. In fact she doesn't remember anyone (dementia). Met a lot of my relatives, but my uncles and aunts mostly live on their own now since their children are married. Lots of things happened.. Happy things, thoughtful things.. Things that makes me ponder and I guess in a way makes me wiser hehe :)
Probably will tell you next time when I'm back in Perth!
For now, hope you're all having a nice holiday!!! 

..Greetings from Bandung..