Wednesday, December 15, 2010

The Lessons of Life

Well, not really the lessons of my whole life, but only the lessons I learnt from work after about 7 years of being in the workforce (this makes me sound like a pro veteran or sumtin xD). I often complain about work, but right now I think I should be very thankful that I have a job and am learning precious life skills from it. Just wanted to share it to you guys and keep a record for myself to look back in the future :)

First Job: Junkmail Delivery Girl
1) Do as much as you can today, so you can do less tomorrow.
2) Exercise really does keep the weight down.. Should do more these days..

Second Job: Burger Girl at Hungry Jack's
1) Try to not be too shy and toughen yourself up. Be braver to talk what's in your mind instead of being quiet. I used to be verryyyy quiet cos I was too shy to talk to anyone.
2) There is a reason why it's called "FAST FOOD", everything must be fast!!!
3) Learnt to not be too sensitive, especially when dealing with angry customers or managers scolding.
4) Beware of cheeseburns when taking out burgers from the microwave....

Third Job: Pizza Girl at Domino's
1) Learnt how to count change without using calculator. Yay! :D

Fourth Job: 2 months Casual Cleaner at Walsh's pharmacy in Sydney
1) Eucalyptus oil works wonders for cleaning sticky dirts!

Fifth Job: Pharmacy Assistant at a pharmacy (probably not a good idea to write the name haha)
1) Slow down, check, then check and check! Can't afford to make mistakes with people's medications
2) Pharmacy customers are much more patient than Fast Food customers.. Guess they wouldn't mess with the ppl who are handling their medications lol..
3) Be aware of shoplifters, even if it's just a small, innocent faced little boy. (This boy smiled at me and then grabbed a can of deodorant and ran out the door lol)
4) Connections may be very useful for your future career
5) Good relations with employers and coworkers will make everyone's day much bearable/funner at work :)
6) Don't get too sensitive over scoldings by managers/pharmacists. Instead learn from the mistake and do better next time. After all, these skills will help me if I become a pharmacist one day!

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