Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Back in my home country, Indonesia!

I haven't been updating my blog lately.. This is because I'm currently on a holiday in Indo for 2 weeks.. Things have been good.. After all its been 3 years since I went here the last time.. Things are changing, even the bank next door is renovated into a beautiful Patisserie and Cafe called The Harvest. My grandma doesn't remember me or my dad anymore.. In fact she doesn't remember anyone (dementia). Met a lot of my relatives, but my uncles and aunts mostly live on their own now since their children are married. Lots of things happened.. Happy things, thoughtful things.. Things that makes me ponder and I guess in a way makes me wiser hehe :)
Probably will tell you next time when I'm back in Perth!
For now, hope you're all having a nice holiday!!! 

..Greetings from Bandung..

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