Sunday, May 8, 2011

The World Wide Web

Hello readers! Happy Mother's day and happy Sunday to you all!
The topic this time is about THE WORLD WIDE WEB.
Facebook, twitter, and all the kinds, these days they're probably a significant part of our life. People like to post every little tinnie winnie bits of their life. From the daily mobile uploads, status updates, check-ins (I do these too xD)... 

But sometimes I think to myself, are these really necessary? Apparently some people just do all these to increase their popularity, to show people that they've been to the hippest place on the planet, to show how happy they are and how many friends they have.. But sometimes, I think we need to appreciate our own privacy.. Keep some things to ourselves and the people that were present in the event. The whole world doesn't have to know all about it..Cos only the people who were in it will remember it in their hearts :) I'm not saying posting all those on Facebook is not good. It definitely has its own advantages! Such as easiness to share photos to other ppl, etc.. But things like your romantic dinners with ur bf/gf, or the special family get-togethers.. Wouldn't it be more special if it was all shared only between you and the other people involved? ;) What do you think?

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