Tuesday, May 15, 2012

The cure to sleeplessness (Intro)

Let me start by introducing you to my 2 lovely kids (uhm I mean dogs).                                
This is Shaki.He's the photogenic one out of the two. He LOVES dogs and people. Pretty hyperactive, very friendly, but he can growl if you give him a huge bone and try to take it back. His favourite activity would be walks to the park and visiting Toki. He's currently attempting to learn how to walk off-leash like PIppa.

This is Pippa (also known as Si Ndut or The Rouuuuuund One). She loves people and she likes to be the dominating Queen over other dogs (and ppl). She may look less pretty at first, but the more you know her, the more you'll fall in love with her. Why? Cos this girl LOVES to sleep (and eat). 
Her favourite activity would be:
and sleeping...
and sleeping
and offcourse... Sleeping <3

(To be continued....)

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