Saturday, September 15, 2012

A Good Leader

Here we are! That time of the month when ur whole body & mind cry out for everything to pause. But they can't cos task after task just comes up.
I used to be reluctant to be a leader. Why would I become a bossy person? But now I realise, sometimes someone have GOT to step up. Why? Cos otherwise nothing gets done. Sometimes it's not good enough to just trust that people will do what they said they will. Sometimes you cannot expect someone to just realise what they have to do. Sometimes, you gotta be bossy if u want the best outcome for everyone. The difference between a crap boss and a good boss is just whether they boss around ppl too much on silly, insignificant things, or whether they boss around ppl on important things that are paramount.
Summary: Whether you like it or not, sometimes being bossy is necessary. A good leader leads by example.

On a side note, here is my favourite video of the month (or 2 months... or 3?)   

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