Thursday, April 28, 2011

I figured out the NO HEAT wavy hair! :D

Hi all! Been a long time since I last blogged, and just now I got inspired to write a blog, so here it is! :) What is it about this time? HOW TO DO WAVY HAIR WITH NO HEAT!

For those who've known me for agessssssss you would've know that I have the coarsest, frizziest, thickest, DRIEST, wavy/messy hair..... And for a long time, I've been so confused on what to do, cos majority of Asians have straight hair.. And so, I don't know how to work the kind of hair I have. Straightening hair everyday is not an option, because:
  1. I don't have time 
  2. I cbb lol!
  3. It damages my already dry hair. 
And I have decided that permanent hair straightening/smoothing is not for me because apparently it can damage your hair further, and it also contains the chemical Formylaldehyde which is a known cancer causing chemical! :O 

So for those of you out there with similar hair like mine, don't dread! We don't have to have straight hair to be pretty! There are heaps of gorgeous girls out there with wavy hair ;)

If you'd like to try it out, here are the steps:
  1. Wash hair with extra2 moisturising shampoo and heaps of conditioner
  2. Towel dry hair and apply hair oil, heaps and HEAPS of them (I use The Body Shop Monoi Miracle Oil because it doesn't react with my sensitive skin) P.S only do this if you have dry hair
  3. Braid your hair from the top back all the way to the bottom and secure with hair tie
  4. Grab a scarf and cover the top of your head to flatten and minimize frizz on the top part of your hair, tie the scarf at the back below the braided hair.
  5. Leave it like that until your hair dries naturally.
  6. Once it's dry, take off the scarf and the braid, apply more hair oil if necessary, and twist the left and right sections of your hair to manage the waves. Voila! All done :) Easy, no heat from curling tongs, no breakages, healthier and shinier looking  wavy hair!
Good luck! :D

The wavy hair. Excuse the low quality photo taken by my old Sony Ericsson 
and my amateur camwhoring skills lols!

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