Monday, January 24, 2011

utter shock.

I cannot believe this is happening. Well here was the plan... Our whole family (for the first time) will be going back to Indonesia for 2 weeks to celebrate my parents wedding anniversary and my grandma's 92nd birthday. We would go to Bali, Bandung, Jakarta.. It would be the epic family holiday since the Eurotrip 2 years ago!

However, this morning my dad told me that mum got an email saying that Yvonne my sister is accepted in Dentistry in University of Melbourne. What does this mean? Well let me say that my mum have ALWAYS had a dream that Yvonne would be a doctor one day. She would push my sister to do UMAT, GAMSAT, go to Sydney to do Medical Science, etc etc. And even after my sister already finished Med Science, my mum is never backing down on not pushing her daughter to become a doctor. So this offer means A LOT for our family. This is because my mum is pretty much the main decision maker of the family. And she is also known to be the "maker of sudden changes" woman. And so, my sister is going to Melbourne first thing this Monday with my mum because the uni starts already on that day. Crazy? hah... I'm pretty much shocked.. Cos number one, the Indo holiday would not be the whole family, number two, my sister is moving to Melbourne for 4 years starting next week.. :S

What does this mean for the church? Well, my sister is the leader of our Youth Camp this year which will be held in March. We've nearly finished all the preparations of the camp. And all of a sudden, we would need to find a new leader. Secondly, she is a sunday school teacher.. So the Sunday School would lose 1 scarce resource. Number three: I cannot imagine her living apart from her boyfriend for another 4 years after 3 years of separation when she was in Sydney.

So yeah. :S This is shocking. Great cos finally my mum reach her dreams. Sad cos.. well... it's sad for me...... :'( *teary*

Goodbye again to Shaki's Big Momma..
:( :( :(

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