Monday, September 13, 2010


Just finished my 2nd exam today. :) I think I would pass. Yay! :D
1 left now.. the most hardcore out of all of em!!! :|
Currently addicted to the new (and old) 2NE1 songs :D esp Clap Your Hands! They're so cool! ^^
Tired, near overdose caffeine concentration in bloodstream.
And did I tell you? Got my fb pwd changed by Mr. DumDum so can't access them until the last exam xD
Now: Studying next exam: Pharmaceutical Biology. lalala~
Gluck everyone!!!! :) :)

"Go Away"
Album: To Anyone

PS: A post about my experiences with cataracts under progress. :)
Just finding the right time when I'd have the mood to finish it off!
Also, sorry for the cut up random pieces of writing.. Brain kinda shutting off after the 8am exam lol


Kel~ said...

Awesomeee I hope you do well too (:

Ahhh so THAT's why the Pirates challenges I sent you DAYS ago are still there xD Dumdum's too O:

Good luck with your last one though (:

Cassie said...

That's good you think you passed, I'm sure you will :)
Good luck for Pharm Bio.
Ah yes, I never did hear about your cataracts experience, I only heard through Sarah when she told me that you had cataracts because of the cream you used or something? So your eye is okay now?

MOnster a.k.a monica said...

kel: yahhhh.. and actually i've been playing dumdum's account xD
and he's been playing mine...
tyty... :)

cass: ty! yahhh trying to study for pharmbiol, getting bored though boohh.... yeahhhh gonna write it soonn.. probably after exams!
and yes, my eyes are good now :) much better than before. I can actually see stuff under bright lights! lol