Friday, September 3, 2010

Fridays = vic park (except last week)

So today was a good day. Got to study FULLY for a couple of hours in Curtin library. Saw a couple of pharmacy students in level 5/6. Then got picked up by Mr DumDum hehe..
We've decided that fridays = eating out after uni. Cos that would be the only time both of us are available during the week (sadly), especially during this exams week.

Last week we were gonna go Vic Park (close from Curtin so it's convenient). But SOMEHOW, SOMEONE thought that vic park = leederville. :P
So we arrived in leederville and i was like ermm.. why is it so far.... pretty sure this is not vic park... --
Oh well, at least we got to eat at Jus Burger :D :D
Instead of the student (budget *LOL*) area of Vic Park, we ended up eating at where the working (loaded) people eat out in Leederville..
Sigh.. Oh well.. it was def worth it! :D
I don't mind having that mistake... xD
Hope you all are having a good week as well :)
And study hard for everyone who's having mid sems!!

- gilmore girls marathon
- watch all unwatched movies
- bake the cookies
- do more juicing :D
- swimming
- catch up with those I haven't seen for agggessss
- ...(to be added later) ...

Gilmore Girls Cast


Shawn said...

Very the worth it~ (:

Cass said...

Ooh, is that a photo of the burger you had? I saw Jus Burgers in Subiaco...which is the suburb right next to Leederville...are there two Jus Burgers?

Kel~ said...

Hahaha go study woman, forget about food. Yes, you heard me, FORGET about food xD.

Good job on getting that much study done though (:

MOnster a.k.a monica said...

shawn: :D

Cass: yeaph.. thats the one that i ordered :) I got teh original jus burger.. wanna try the famous wagyu burger though one day :D
Oh, but i didn't take the picture, got it from their website. My camera is not good enough to take a nice picture like that xD
There are 3 jus burgers (freo, subi, leederville). We should go there sumday! :D

Kel: lalalalla impossible! study = food. U won't believe how much junk food i eat when i study LOL. And ty =)