Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Face painting! :D

In the food bazaar GROGKI on saturday, me and my sister did face painting. Thought that it was gonna be a disaster since we only had 1 night of practise on Shawn's, my sister's bf, and my sis bf's brother's face. In the end it turned out okay :D. So I just wanna share some of the face paitning pictures I did in the bazaar! :D
My sister did heaps of cool stuff like Totoro and Harry Potter but I didn't upload it. Check fb, there would be more xD.

Bart Simpson! :D

Pikachu and 4 leaf clover, butterfly by Yvonne

Pink Dolphin! This lil girl is so easy to face paint. She just sit there nice and quitely, unlike most kids do  :)

The popular and thankfully easy to draw dolphin

Naruto!! :D



My favourite: the fish xD Yvonne did the awesome Doraemon on Shawn's face.

A simple flower :)
Thanks everyone who became the face painting models.
It was really fun! :D

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