Friday, September 10, 2010

My dream exist in the world! :O

When I was small (and even now), I have a fascination on all kinds of animals (except SNAKES >.<), but specifically i loved marine animals! :)

I wanted to be a shamu whale trainer after seeing a show in orlando when I was 7 years old. Now I know that the proper name for it is the "killer whale". It's kinda scary now that I think about it.. hmm... Then I considered being a marine biologist. However, I think all those occupations are just too daring for me so I decided to hang around Pharmcy xD

Oh! And I LOVEEEEE manatees (other names: dugongs, seacows, mermaids)!!!!! they are the cutest animal in the wholeee world!

As a child, I also dreamed of having a bedroom surrounded with glass walls and having a huge aquarium surrounding it. The walls and the ceilings and the floors would be a window to the colorful view of the marine aquarium.
Today, I was browsing the website and found out that there's an underwater resort in the Maldives Rangali Islands somewhere in the Indian Ocean. And it's not just under an aquarium, it's under the sea!!! :0 ah... maybe one day... xD ("one night in the luxury villa will set you back $1950")

A whale trainer on Shamu
Manatees (Dugong)
Sister, Mum, Bro, excited me and Manatee at the back!
Maldives Rangali Islands Resort
Two whale trainers standing on the Shamus


Cassie said...

Lol I want to stay in that underwater resort! Would be so cool to sleep under the ocean like that. Too bad I'm not rich >.< *Sighs*

Kel~ said...

Hehehe love the photo of you and your family... look at your excitement xD

MOnster a.k.a monica said...

cass: me too!!! apparently my friend had a yr 7 camp in aqwa.. I don't mind that xD so they slept under the walk through the aquarium thing..

Kelvin: ahahahah thats like the only photo i brought from indo xD
i know righttt.. sigh.. i still remember that day......

MOnster a.k.a monica said...

btw kel, i can't get to ur blog here in curtin.. it says:
Based on your corporate access policies, access to this web site ( ) has been blocked because the web category "Adult" is not allowed.

aduh! =p